Empowering the Producer

 We are a BlockChain company that builds tools to help tell the story of the products in your life

Our Mission

Solving problems in the global supply chain through data management and  distributed ledger technologies.





Answering the question of ‘how?’ blockchain in the food system

We are telling the story of the grower and the producers. Capturing the story of the product told by the people that make it. Attaching that story to the products and allowing people to add to the richness of that story. DataHarvest, along with our partners have developed a smart label that uniquely pairs blockchain with the food chain. Our open and ground up approach provides an important option for those looking to use blockchain in their business.


Helping suppliers manage their second most valuable asset… their data!

2014 – Accipter Project

Project Focusing On Emerging UAV Technologies, IoT Platforms, Multispectral Imaging, Machine Learning, And Automation.

2015 – Labor Tracker Project

On Farm Labor Management Through The Use Of Wearables And Robust On Farm Networks.  Pushing Data To And From Different Farm Locations And Operation Centers.

2016 – Firstblock Ledger

Developed On Top Of The Apache Foundation Hyperledger Sawtooth Platform. Created To Manage Intellectual Property At An Institutional Level By Assetizing Plant Material, Organizing Research And Establishing The First Genetic Digital Foot Print For Agricultural Commodities.

2017 – Security / Data Flow

Levering Robust Data Networks, IoT, Modern Imaging, And Lighter Than Air Platforms To Monitor On Farm Security. Open Source UI Development And Innovative Inventory Systems.

2017 – AVIP

Avocado Variety Improvement Program (AVIP) with UC Riverside.  Utilization of First Block Ledger to institute channels of collaborative research and establish pathways for institutional royalty collection.

2019 – PureChex

PureChex will allow producers to have a direct and meaningful relationship with consumers while creating layers of immutable data and documentation for import/export officials.  Opens channels for consumer feedback and modernizes the retail model for the last mile economy of the future.

Meet Our Team

Mark Buhl


International supply chain consultant, commercial trial expert, international trade and industry advisor, traceability platform developer, IoT expert, on farm network specialist.

Ryan Clark


Big data specialist, blockchain platform expert, cryptocurrency and traceability platform developer.

Lorena Dominguez


International supply, global claims, license custom broker, project management and implementation, global logistics, grower and import accounting. 

Felipe Illanes


Packaging development, recyclability expert, irrigation specialist, post-harvest consultant, global trade, logistics, IoT sensor development.