Helping growers make the most of their data

DataHarvest integrates technology and big data into modern large scale agricultural operations. We solve problems for the farm at a fundamental level; finding efficiencies, savings, developing transparencies, and opportunities to lead the market in global supply through blockchain technology.


DataHarvest is built as a neutral partner. We have decades of experience with data services. We advocate for the farmer to retain control of their data and only pay for services that return measurable improvements to the bottom line…not just pretty pictures.


The DataHarvest team has audited and documented processes from field to the retail shelf. We know what data is useful today and how to make sure that data bubbles to the top. In addition, we are actively testing new approaches with our partners to make sure we can find the data you will need tomorrow.


Our project management team is PMP certified and will drive the project until it is successfully completed. Communicating with you each step of the way so everyone can track progress and quickly jump in when hurdles arise.

Project Spotlight

We are teaming with UC Riverside to develop a novel agricultural blockchain platform, to integrate and pilot blockchain technology into the Avocado Variety Improvement Program for management and deployment of newly developed varieties.

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