UCR has launched the Avocado Variety Improvement Program (AVIP) to advance the existing UCR avocado varietal breeding program as the world’s premiere source of new avocado varieties and center for avocado genetic research. The overall goal is to develop new varieties that will grow consumer demand, deliver consistent high-quality fruit, enhance yield production for growers, and expand environmental adaptability. Additionally, an essential objective will be to improve the overall sustainability of the growing avocado industry by training the next generation of avocado geneticists and breeders.


DataHarvest is building tools that will help UCR capture their development data, sensor data, and protocols and committing them to our First Block ledger.  That data is now ready to inform nurseries and farmers on the best ways to get the desired results.  The information is now digital and travels with the product.  Allowing easier sharing of information as well as automation.

By connecting UCR with downstream data partners UCR also can also collect royalties and track the success of their products with little or no active reporting from partners.  Accelerating feedback and producing a faster development cycle.

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