Node.Cash is DataHarvest’s cryptocurrency payment gateway.  Built on top of an open source project called btcpay, it allows DataHarvest to receive payments in Bitcoin and altcoins directly with no fees, transaction costs or middlemen.

Node.Cash acts as a non-custodial invoice system which eliminates the involvement of third party payments with Node.Cash going directly to digital wallets.  All transactions happen with privacy and security private keys are never uploaded to the server there is no address reuse and every invoice generates a new address.

DataHarvest is using Cash.Node as a way to test next generation cross-border payment solutions. Critical features for Node.Cash are direct peer-to-peer Bitcoin payments, support for the new lightning network on top of Bitcoin all coins support complete control of private keys enhanced privacy allowed for cross-border payments a simple easy to integrate payment button no processing fees no middle-man no transaction fees

Currently 2 coins are supported, BTC and LTC.  If you want to test payment options with cryptocurrencies DataHarvest can help you with our node cash solution.

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