Data H Coins

All holders of the DataH coin will receive quarterly reports and will update them on the progress  DataHarvest use these coins as part of our farming platform. DataH coins will be used for all verified purchases within that ecosystem.  Instead of generating new coins, DataHarvest will destroy a certain number of coins based on farming results(Proof of Destruction).  We view DataH as a platform to test new economic models in farming.


DataHarvest will maintain a channel on Discord for all development updates related to the data H coin


DataH token holders will be able to vote on certain matters that DataHarvest team values input from the community whether something is voted on is ultimately up to the discretion of the data harvest team


Each token does not represent equity or rights to or in DataHarvest in any way please be aware of the high-risk nature of cryptocurrencies and digital Assets in general by participating in date of harvest coin ownership you are waiving All rights to pursuing any form of legal action against data harvest in the future


The DataH coin has been developed to run on top of the Waves platform.  By choosing the waves platform DataH is connected to crypto gateways for BTC BCH XMR ZEC ETH LTC as well as the US dollar and Euro


By issuing a token, DataH coin, on a platform such as waves instead of rolling our own blockchain we maximize our security and minimize total cost of usage

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