DataHarvest Network

Reliable access to the internet is becoming more and more critical for the tools you use everyday. It’s important not only for the ability to share information with new data partners, but being able to offload a lot of the analytics that all the new data connections will require.

On the farm’

• Watch camera feeds from any place

• Push video content to the field

• Photo/video content allows for instant teaching and learning

• Trust but verify with video/photo and push to talk communicaiton

• Video fees for security purposes

• Multitude of environmental sensors unlocking iOt capabilities


Beyond the farm

By partnering with sensor manufacturers that automatically backup your data to Cloud giving you the ability to make informed decisions based on real time updates and unprecedented power to build your business.

• 24/7 control of your data

• Transparency for all stakeholders employees and partners

• True chain of custody increase the quality and safety of food production

• Understanding the air coming from multiple systems enables proactive action • By enabling automation more human error is eliminated driving potential profit

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