FirstBlock Ledger

DataHarvest’s First Block Ledger is developed on top of the Apache Foundation HyperLedger Sawtooth platform. It is is a modular platform for building, deploying, and running distributed ledgers. Distributed ledgers provide a digital record, like asset ownership, that is maintained without a central authority or implementation. This provides unparalleled transparency and security; that provides value to all parties.


DataHarvest is capturing an asset as it is created and building more details as the asset develops.  Building a story around each asset that grows with each event in the history of that produce.  Moving those events forward into the food chain adding important information and providing authenticity of the source.


Providing a certifiable data package for distributors, retails and auditors. FirstBlock get our partners off to a huge jumpstart in telling the story of the product to consumers.  Reducing redundant effort and getting everyone working from the same immutable data.

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