Originally contributed by Intel, Sawtooth’s HyperLedger includes a dynamic consensus feature enabling hot swapping consensus algorithms in a running network. Among the consensus options is a novel consensus protocol known as “Proof of Elapsed Time,” a lottery-design consensus protocol that optionally builds on trusted execution environments provided by Intel’s Software Guard Extensions (SGX).[22] Sawtooth supports Ethereum smart contracts In addition to Solidity support, Sawtooth includes SDKs for Python, Go, Javascript, Rust, Java, and C++

Most blockchains require serial transaction execution in order to guarantee consistent ordering at each node on the network. Sawtooth includes an advanced parallel scheduler that splits transactions into parallel flows. Based on the locations in state which are accessed by a transaction, Sawtooth isolates the execution of transactions from one another while maintaining contextual changes.

When possible, transactions are executed in parallel, while preventing double-spending even with multiple modifications to the same state. Parallel scheduling provides a substantial potential increase in performance over serial execution.

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