Labor Communications

DataHarvest Labor Communications provides real-time applications for tracking and creating tasks, sharing pictures and video, push-to-talk communications. Sharing files or talking between individuals and groups. You are able to manage groups on a one-to-one or one too many basis.  Event logs and records for all the events are kept for later review.  Not only can you plan your next week you can review last week.  

In the event someone needs help, and SOS can be triggered.  The application will not only show everyone where the SOS was triggered on the map, it will provide best routes when possible.  Valuable time saved in such an event could make all the difference.  

By allowing group to group communications, labor on the farm can keep focus on tasks while still being able to provide updates to the larger farm.  Being able to attach images and video your whole team can verify tasks or get clarity on tasks.  1 picture can save 1000 words.

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