Block Chain


DataHarvest’s First Block Ledger is developed on top of the Apache Foundation HyperLedger Sawtooth platform. It is is a modular platform for building, deploying, and running distributed ledgers. Distributed ledgers provide a digital record, like asset ownership, that is maintained without a central authority or implementation. This provides unparalleled transparency and security; that provides value to all parties.

For Breeders and IP Management

Create immutable ledgers for your intellectual property and see how DataHarvest can help you to drive return on this investment. We can help to construct the architecture of the future for your precious IP, all the while organizing the overall project, lowering oversight costs, securing ownership rights, trademarking material, and extending the protection period of your assets.

For Growers

All aspects of oversight now can be easily recorded, preserved, and distributed to all accountable parties along the food chain. Farmers can begin to rely on electronic processes that document daily compliance and food safety issues while compiling data for the entire logistics and retail chain. Farmers can begin to go back to doing what they do best; farming!

For Logistics

Creating the passport to the world for your fresh food shipments. Phytosanitary Issues, government protocols, food safety, manifests, shipping documentation, customs clearance; all handled seamlessly with a documentation flow that reduces oversight and costs.

For Retailers

Enable the engagement of customers at the point of sale and into the consumers home. Retailers can share the story of each product with information gathered and pushed forward by each link in the food chain. Immutable, trustworthy and near real-time; the information increases the value of the product with little to no additional administration. Food Safety brought into the next generation of transparency. It takes dramatic steps towards re-establishing the trust and connection between farms and the consumer.

For Shoppers

Learning more about the food you buy, is the first step in establishing a connection with the farm, it is what consumers expect in their relationships’ with food today. BlockChain creates a level of engagement and notification with consumers; never miss your favorite produce at your local grocer, again! Instant Feedback allows for feedback that is real and actionable. Watch consumer preferences and comments make a difference in the food chain. Crowdsourcing at the consumer level gives a real voice to the shopper and an avenue of engagement that provides a win for everyone.